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Day 1 - Tuesday

December 5, 2017

  • 9:00 am
  • AI Live!


    NFV/SDN Live!


    AI Live!

    • 9:00 am
      What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what is its Transformative Potential?
      • What are the different forms of AI and their applications?
      • How mature are different AI technologies?
      • How is AI impacting operators’ business, business models and revenue?
      • What are the benefits, risks and limitations of artificial intelligence?
      • How are operators incorporating AI in their strategy and operations to transform their business?
      • What kind of new services will AI enable?
    • 9:20 am
      CASE STUDY: Innovating with Artificial Intelligence
      Harphajan Singh,
      Chief Data Officer, Axa Insurance
      • Accelerating Innovation with Artificial Intelligence
      • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence - a perspective of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
      • Practical applications of AI in Financial Services
    • 9:45 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: AI, ML – Myths, Marketing Hype and Real Opportunities for Your Business Success
      Andreas West,
      Vice President, Head of Analytics – Global, Aimia
    • 10:05 am
      INDUSTRY INSIGHT: How to Build a Cognitive Telco – Progress, Priorities and Profits
      Rob van den Dam,
      Global Telecom Industry Leader, IBM Institute For Business Value
    • 10:30 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • 11:00 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence in Accelerated Data Analytics
      Ettikan Karuppiah,
      Director of Developers Ecosystem, Nvidia
    • 11:25 am
      CASE STUDY: Making the Business Case for Investing in AI
      Rujikorn Pavasuthipaisit,
      Director of Data Analytics and Research, True Corporation
      • Defining the value proposition of AI for your business
      • Identifying areas of investment
      • Getting executive buy-in
      • Demonstrating value and tangible ROI from your AI investments
    • 11:50 am
      PANEL: Building a Comprehensive Big Data and AI Strategy
      • Laying the groundwork
      • Deciding where to start with AI – knowing what you are looking for
      • What are the key components of a Big Data and AI strategy?
      • Identifying the most appropriate AI technologies for your business and quantifying the investment required
      • Building a sustainable, business-relevant Big Data and AI strategy – addressing the operational, organizational and technical challenges
    • 12:30 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing AI in your Organization
      • Finding the optimum approach to implementing AI and machine learning solutions for your business
      • Identifying the skill sets and recruiting the right talent needed to implement AI
      • Determining what infrastructure updates are required and how to best embed AI technologies
      • Ensuring that your employees have the right skill sets to implement AI
      • Dispelling the fear that AI will take employees’ jobs and getting them excited about AI
    • 2:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare
      Lawrence Wee,
      Chief Data Scientist, Zuellig Pharma
    • 2:50 pm
      CASE STUDY: Boosting Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning for Competitive Advantage
      Mohammad Shazri Shahrir,
      Head of Research, Axiata Intelligence Unit
      • Understanding why companies are using machine learning techniques for predictive analytics
      • Deciding on how and where to deploy predictions
      • Replacing statistical-modeling approaches with machine-learning techniques
      • Examining use cases for ML-based predictive analytics such as reducing churn, increasing sales, reducing costs
    • 3:10 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: The Rise of AI Chatbots
      David Low,
      Chief Data Scientist,
      • Outlining the benefits of chatbots to both the customer and the company
      • Examining various approaches to building an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot with Deep Learning techniques
      • Comparing different approaches
      • Addressing the challenges associated with building, launching and maintaining a chatbot, especially in the financial service industry


    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Applications of Machine Learning for Operators
      Setu Chokshi,
      Technology Innovation Leader, Nielsen
    • 4:25 pm
      IOT and AI – a Winning Combination for Predicting the Future more Precisely
      • Why AI is crucial to making the most of the IoT opportunities
      • Exploring the potential of the IoT/AI relationship in creating superior customer experiences
      • Applying predictive analytics to the sensor data to allowed your AI solution to assess and learn from the data
      • Using the improved predictions to create a better customer experience, drive revenue and add new value
    • 4:50 pm
      PANEL: Where do we Go from here?
      George Chua,
      Head of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Advertising, Axiata Digital Services
      • What are your expectations of AI for the future?
      • In which area do you see the most opportunities for AI applications?
      • What are the challenges and potential barriers that need to be addressed to ensure a bright future for AI in telecoms?
      • What’s the next wave of innovation in AI?
      • How important will partnerships be in the future development of AI?

    NFV/SDN Live!

    • 9:00 am
      OPENING PRESENTATION: A Playbook for Capturing the Promise of the Pervasive Network
      Georgio Migliarina,
      Industry Lead for Communications in Asia Pacific, Accenture
      • Building next-generation platforms and SDN/NFV-powered ecosystems that use an API-driven environment to allow multi-vendor open automation, while deploying DevOps and Agile methodologies to ensure greater success
      • Fostering the capability to develop and launch new consumer-facing services around IoT integrations, 5G and NFV, along with internal services that rapidly improve operational efficiency within the CSP itself
      • Creating and managing agile operations that take advantage of advanced tools to enable real-time service delivery and create the ultimate customer experience, using the smallest operational footprint
    • 9:25 am
      CASE STUDY: Implementing an Agile, Simplified and Robust IMS based on NFV Technology
      Wooyong Choi,
      Head of NFV/IMS Development, SK Telecom
      • Proposing innovative ways for VoLTE that are running over an IMS network
      • Delivering service agility using NFV technology
      • Architecture revolution toward a simplified IMS


    • 9:50 am
      VENDOR PANEL: Exploring the Role of Vendors in Maintaining Momentum
      • How are vendors transforming their established business models to meet operator needs?
      • How are vendors cooperating with partners to leverage everybody’s resources and drive NFV development forward?
      • What can be achieved by working in an ecosystem?
      • What will spur the industry to accelarate investment?
      • What services and capabilities will NFV enable in the future?
    • 10:30 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • 11:00 am
      CASE STUDY: Preparing your Business for Virtualization
      Saravanan (Saro) Velrajan,
      Delivery Head, SDN/NFV Engineering & Operations, Verizon India
      • Assessing the operational impact of virtualization
      • How will operational processes have to evolve to support virtualized functions?
      • Will the automation that is created change existing business processes?
      • Changing the culture and mindset of employees
      • Bridging the current divide between Network and IT departments
      • Recruiting people with both network operations and DevOps management skills
      • Introducing new monitoring tools into the virtualized or hybrid environment to ensure optimal end-to-end quality of service and customer experience


    • 11:25 am
      CASE STUDY: NetroSphere – towards the Transformation of Carrier Networks
      Daisuke Hara,
      Senior Research Engineer, NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories, NTT
    • 11:50 am
      CASE STUDY: The Application of Catalogs and APIs between NFV, Network Orchestration and Next Generation OSS
      Guy Lupo,
      General Manager – Head of Orchestration & Data 2020, Telstra
      Greg Tilton,
      Founder & CEO, DGIT
      • Focusing on the role of catalogs, APIs and standards
      • Developing next-generation OSS for a virtualized and hybrid network
      • IT and Networks blur as NFV takes hold, how a Frameworx based approach helps with the transition.
      • Standards – why the industry needs them and where we currently stand
      • Using standards based APIs to ensure interoperability within the organization to leverage the value of NFV and to allow innovators to readily plug in


    • 12:10 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Meeting the Service Assurance Challenge for NFV Adoption
      Ayush Batra,
      Principal Consultant, Communications Service Provider – India & East Asia, Intel
      • Addressing the challenges to network transformation
      • NFV and service assurance
      • Service assurance capability requirements and ecosystem feedback
      • Components enabling "open" Service Assurance


    • 12:30 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      Learning to Think like a Software Company – Transitioning to a Software-Centric Business Culture
      • How the move to network functions virtualization disrupts the culture
      • Overcoming the DevOps/NetOps culture clash – how will the organization have to change to shift values and attitudes?
      • Creating a culture of collaboration across siloed departments
      • Setting a clear cultural migration strategy should be operators’ number-one priority. “We have to look at the people and process piece of this,” she says. “It’s a mindset change.”
    • 2:25 pm
      SD-WAN – Leveraging SDN/NFV for Network Agility
      Matthew Allcoat,
      Chief Architect - Asia, Middle East, Africa, BT Global Services
      • Understanding the drivers behind SD-WAN
      • Developing an SD-WAN strategy and selecting the right solutions
      • Why Application Performance Management matters
      • Examining the diverse form factors needed to manage large scale deployment, including virtualized solution
      • Guaranteeing the user experience on critical application, in real time in an agile mode whilst controlling the cost
    • 2:50 pm
      Developing a Blueprint for Zero Touch, End-To-End Service Orchestration across Hybrid and Multiple Networks
      Divesh Gupta,
      Vice President - Technology & Sales Operations, PCCW Global
      • Identifying the key requirements for effectively orchestrating services end-to-end across multiple providers on a hybrid of physical and virtualized infrastructure
      • What common information and data models, standards and APIs are needed to make end-to-end management happen?
      • How can the current end-to-end management architecture be extended?
      • Ensuring that a security fabric is built in end-to-end
    • 3:10 pm
      Best Practices for Adopting End-To-End Orchestration in NFV/SDN
      • Understanding what end-to-end orchestration means
      • Setting a clear migration strategy both technologically and culturally
      • Deciding whether to purchase an orchestration system or develop your own using open-source technology
      • Developing standardized patterns to follow for components
      • Adopting DevOps-like practices for network operations to ensure the success of end-to-end orchestration
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Data Science for Effective Network Operations
      Kiran Inampudi,
      Solutions & GTM Leader, Global Service Provider Services, Cisco
    • 4:25 pm
      Leveraging ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) to Automate NFV/SDN
      • ONAP - harmonizing two separate project, open source ECOMP, led by AT&T, and Open-O, led by China Mobile
      • Creating a holistic and comprehensive framework for real-time, policy-driven software automation of virtual network functions that will enable software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly create new services and infrastructure
      • Delivering a unified architecture and implementation, with an open standards upstream focus, faster than any one project could on its own
    • 4:50 pm
      PANEL: Optimizing End-to-End Service Performance
      Vinay Devadatta,
      Practice Head - Innovation & Industry Relation, Wipro
      Mounir Ladki,
      President & CTO, MYCOM OSI
      Kumar Saurabh,
      Tech Manager System-Dev, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Day 2 - Wednesday

December 6, 2017

  • 11:00 am
  • Customer Centricity & Analytics Live!


    IoE Monetization & Management Live!


    Transformation & Agility Live!


    Customer Centricity & Analytics Live!

    • 11:00 am
      Adopting a Customer First Approach – Becoming Customer Centric in a Digital World
      • What does “customer centricity” entail?
      • How to deal with tomorrow’s customer
      • How can companies meet the increased customer expectations as the digital world continues to evolve?
      • Enabling real-time customer relationships
      • How do you take personalization to new levels?
      • Ensuring convenience and simplicity across all channels
    • 11:25 am
      CASE STUDY: Making Real-Time Real for the Digital Customer?
      Rudy Azhary Dalimunthe,
      GH Customer Care & Telesales, Indosat Ooredoo
      • Understanding how the rapid adoption of digital channels is driving the need for optimized contextual experiences to engage and retain customers
      • Combing real-time and historic data to gain deeper insights into customer needs
      • Boosting customer retention rates through just-in-time offers
      • Creating and adapting customer experiences in real-time
    • 11:50 am
      CXO PANEL: Fostering Customer Centricity – Defining the Role of the C-Suite
      Eugene Yeo,
      Group CIO, My Republic
      • What does a successful customer-centric leadership structure look like?
      • How will the relationships and responsibilities of the C-suite have to evolve to drive customer centricity?
      • How do you build cohesion and align the role of each C-suite member to maximize customer centricity throughout the organization?
      • How do you see your role and that of your C-suite colleagues in realizing your company’s customer-centric vision?
      • How can the C-suite stimulate cross-silo collaboration and activities?
      • How can the roles of CCO (Chief Customer Officer) or CDO (Chief Data Officer) best be integrated into the existing C-suite?
    • 12:30 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Co-Creating Tomorrow’s Customer Experience Today to Drive Differentiation and Revenue Growth
      Tom Hogg,
      Regional MD, APAC, Digitalist Group
      • Empowering your customers through online communities to co-create and improve Customer Experience
      • Driving customer centric culture and empower staff through service design methods
      • Case studies of game changing Customer Experience/Co-creation programs in action across finance, travel and telecoms
    • 2:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: Meeting the Customer’s Demand for a Convenient and Seamless Experience
      Lim Jin Tiong,
      Senior General Manager, Business System Operation, Information Services Division, U Mobile
      Claus Nielsen,
      Director Product Management, Neural Technologies Limited
      • Creating a consistent customer sales and service experience
      • Leveraging integrated systems to provide the seamless experience desired by today's customer
      • Developing a unified infrastructure to achieve a competitive advantage, operational agility, and increase value to the customer
    • 2:50 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Using TM Forum APIs to Power an Omni-Channel Model
      Greg Tilton,
      Founder & CEO, DGIT
      • Levering TM Forum APIs to power the variety of customer channels
      • Key learnings to help drive adoption and acceptance of this this new approach to engaging with and empowering customers
    • 3:10 pm
      Omni-channel Comes to Life!
      • Enabling seamless omni-channel digital commerce experience across multiple service offerings for established service providers.
      • Identifying capabilities necessary for implementing and growing your omni-channel strategy
      • Developing long-term omni-channel success with a highly personalized engagement capability
      • Incentivizing cross-channel and cross-partnership delivery of all business functions and aligning metrics to meet customers’ needs
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Using Metrics to Change the Way you Do Business
      Mao Gen Foo,
      Head of Southeast Asia, Qualtrics
      • What is the optimum methodology (Customer Satisfaction, NPS (Net Promoter Score), CA (Customer Advocacy) or CES (Customer Effort Score)) for tracking and measuring the customer experience?
      • Which KPIs are best suited to explain your customers' future decisions and behaviors?
      • Using KPIs and metrics that encourage employees to take ownership of the customer experience
      • Identifying new and innovative customer-centric KPIs that can enrich the customer experience
      • Aligning KPIs and metrics across organizational silos
    • 4:25 pm
      Committing to the Digital Customer Experience as the Top Priority
      • Understanding that the commitment to the customer experience is a marathon not a sprint
      • What does a digital customer experience transformation journey look like?
      • Determining competencies and qualities needed for a firm commitment
      • Adopting a people first approach
      • Examining the challenges of operationalizing customer experience transformation
    • 4:50 pm
      PANEL: Creating a Customer-Centric Organization and Culture
      • How customer-centric is your organization?
      • How can operators engage all functions within the organization?
      • What does a “Customer First” culture mean to you and how do you make employees passionate about the customer experience?
      • How can the Customer Experience be simplified to ensure that customer interactions across channels are quick, easy and fun?
      • What are the challenges associated with developing and standardizing customer-centric processes across the organization?
      • How can you remain relevant to the customer through continuous innovation?

    IoE Monetization & Management Live!

    • 11:00 am
      Building IoE Success – TM Forum’s IoE Program
      Craig Bachmann,
      Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
      • Presenting the collaborative work carried out by TM Forum and its members in the IoE space – achievements to date and future ambitions
      • The Forum’s CurateFX tool for ecosystem mapping
      • The Management, Monetization and Trust Roadmap of Challenges
      • How to get involved
    • 11:25 am
      PANEL: IoE Connectivity – Emerging LPWAN Solutions
      Charles Reed Anderson,
      Industry Expert, CRA Associates
      • A quick roundup on LPWAN initiatives currently available
      • Evaluating the role and potential growth of LPWAN in the IoE
      • Will differing technologies and lack of harmonized standards constitute a barrier to adoption, and how can this be resolved?
      • Examining the use cases behind LPWAN, and where this solution cannot/should not be used
      • A look at economics – investment needs and potential value
    • 11:50 am
      PANEL: The Role of 5G in IoE Market Enablement and Development
      Sandy Verma,
      Senior Director for IoT Solutions, APAC, AT&T
      Tomohiro Otani,
      Executive Director of Network Operation and Administration Division, KDDI R&D Labs
      • The role of 5G in realizing the “2020 - 30 billion connected devices” prediction
      • What is missing to deliver the promises of speed, ultra-low latency and super scalability of 5G?
      • The 5G business case - what services will it enable/facilitate
      • Does 5G necessarily imply network slicing? What are the benefits and challenges?
      • Who defines and creates the slices and which bodies will regulate them for various verticals?
      • How will 5G and LPWAN be used concurrently to optimize the IoE marketplace?
    • 12:30 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      Leveraging Cloud and Virtualization in the IoE Business Context
      • Explaining how cloud, NFV, SDN, platforms, APIs and 5G all interrelated
      • Are cloud-based IoE architectures indispensable today? What are the alternatives?
      • The role of cloud in enabling swift and efficient IoE development and management
      • Building mashed-up applications and services in a multi-provider ecosystem across interconnected clouds
      • What are the challenges of integrating IoE devices with the cloud?
      • How does cloud facilitate analytics and AI, and how does this tie into IoE?
    • 2:25 pm
      PANEL: Designing Sustainable Business Models for the IoE
      Jürgen Hase,
      CEO, UNLIMIT (powered by Reliance)
      Omar Valdez-de-Leon,
      Lead Digital Transformation Consultant, Ericsson
      Sandy Verma,
      Senior Director for IoT Solutions, APAC, AT&T
      • Evolution vs. revolution - Can existing business models be used in the IoE context?
      • Exploring new business models defined by deeper collaboration, and how to maintain control in such environments
      • How to successfully design, implement, operate and monetize digital services with partners in a complex value fabric
      • Exploring shared investment, risk and monetization models
      • Open APIs – the key to enabling simple on-boarding of partners
    • 2:50 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Driving Innovation Through Collaboration and Open Platforms
      Shahar Steiff,
      AVP New Technologies, PCCW
      • Engaging connectivity providers, innovators and industry verticals in the digital arena
      • What are the obstacles to open collaboration today, and how can they be overcome?
      • Facilitating platform on-boarding and how to enable IoE monetization for all stakeholders
      • Examining the vital role of APIs in driving and enabling innovation and IoE monetization
      • Providing connectivity, management, applications and analytics - use cases in an unlimited IoE context
    • 3:10 pm
      From Pipe to Platform – Stakes, Strategies and Monetization
      Preetham Nadig,
      Director, Datalynx
      • Capitalising on existing and emerging physical and digital infrastructure for enhanced revenue opportunities
      • Building a platform to cater to all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners, developers…
      • Establishing where the value of the platform lies, what and how to charge
      • How to effectively monetize both the platform and the data generated
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      Monetization, Management and Trust
      Craig Bachmann,
      Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
      • Assessing the drivers and barriers to IoE growth and monetization
      • MMT – overview and origins of TM Forum’s IoE program focus
      • Identifying tools and strategies to create success for all stakeholders
      • What role can you play in shaping the future ecosystem and marketplace?
    • 4:25 pm
      Practical Implementation of Security Measures in IoE Devices and Enablers
      Rajiv Niles,
      Global Director, Industrial Cybersecurity, GE Digital
      • Leveraging analytics, AI and machine learning to safeguard valuable data
      • The pressure to deliver applications quickly without compromising security and performance
      • Implementing protective measures at all levels—device, network, and cloud
      • What particular security challenges does implementing IoE in legacy devices present?
    • 4:50 pm
      Blockchain and Securing Digital Transactions
      Joseph Pindar,
      Director Strategy, CTO Office, Gemalto
      • The vital role of privacy and trust in the future of IoE growth and monetization
      • Examining the nature and use cases behind Digital Object Identifiers and Legal Entity Identifiers
      • How can these be leveraged to minimize risk and ensure traceability across the IoE?
      • How will blockchain technology impact IoE systems, sensors and data?
      • Blockchain evolution: rom cryptocurrencies to identity and contracts to future applications
      • Navigating the technical hurdles of applying blockchain in the IoE context

    Transformation & Agility Live!

    • 11:00 am
      CASE STUDY: The Business Case Behind Becoming a Digital Service Provider
      Thibaut Girard,
      SVP Strategy & Transformation, DTAC
      • Discussing disruption and strategies to remain competitive – how to anticipate the unexpected
      • Examining the need for new business models and culture
      • How can CSPs capitalise on the rise of the platform economy?
      • Transformation in flight – the key to maintaining business as usual throughout a complex and far-reaching digital transformation

      Thibaut Girard, SVP Strategy Transformation, DTAC

    • 11:25 am
      Moving from Omni-Channel to Omni-Digital: Driving to Zero Friction Customer Engagement
      Gemini Waghmare,
      Founder & Chief Executive Officer, UXP Systems
      • What are the main challenges faced by CSPs when it comes to digital transformation?
      • How can a common approach facilitate and accelerate transformation?
      • Overview of Frameworx - a community-based suite of best practices to futureproof processes
      • Simplification and breaking down processes and IT systems to enhance efficiency long-term
    • 11:50 am
      PANEL: Delivering on New, Increased Demands
      Ankur Jain,
      Head of API Strategy & Ecosystem- Business Collaboration, Mobility & IOT, Tata Communications
      • What’s the real trigger for transformation?
      • Considering the range and volume of demands for services from voice and data to enterprise IT and IoE platforms and connectivity
      • How to reduce CAPEX, manage OPEX and increase agility simultaneously
      • The dilemma of transformation in times of budget constraints and fierce competition
      • Where should your investment priorities lie?

      Ankur Jain, Head of API Strategy & Ecosystem, Tata Communications

    • 12:30 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      Increasing and Evolving Demands of OSS & BSS
      Greg Tilton,
      Founder & CEO, DGIT
      • How have OSS & BSS requirements changed and how are needs evolving with the pervasion of digital services?
      • Moving towards next-generation OSS for a virtualized and hybrid network
      • OSS & BSS Standards – why the industry needs them, where we currently stand
      • Introducing APIs in a legacy environment and ensuring equality of treatment in a regulated environment
    • 2:25 pm
      Dynamic Offer Creation in a Digital Economy
      Catherine Michel,
      CTO, Sigma Systems
      Fawad Nazir,
      Chief Architect Digitalization, Telstra
      • Acknowledging the need to respond to the digital era with dynamic and agile offers
      • The disadvantages of depending on IT development across disconnected systems
      • Improving time, cost and accuracy to market
      • Supporting the creation, launch, selling and end-to-end delivery of products and services across new and existing infrastructure; quickly composing and creating marketable offers consistently, across any channel
    • 2:50 pm
      Future of Business From an OSS/BSS Perspective
      Andy HyunJoo Lee,
      Executive Director, Head of Convergence ICT Consulting, Global Business Group, KT (Korea Telecom)
      • Strategic choices CSPs need to make and how vendors need to support them
      • What at the new OSS & BSS requirements, challenges and opportunities related to emerging digital services and IoE?
      • Enabling innovation and building flexibility into OSS & BSS
      • Considering OSS & BSS in a 5G, ultra-fast-paced environment


    • 3:10 pm
      Case Study: Centralized Product Catalog – Enabling Digital Businesses
      Pankaj Arora,
      GM IT, Bharti Airtel
      Ramachandran Selvarajan,
      Chief Architect, Tata Consultancy Services
      • Implications of Telco's shift to digital business
      • Centralized product catalog implementation highlights
      • Role of catalog in enabling simplification, customer experience0 and agility
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      Facilitating the Complex Digital Transformation Journey with the Right Solutions and Partners
      Kurt Kammerer,
      CEO, Regify
      Melvin Lim,
      CEO, Iridescent
      • Examining the maturity of solutions currently available and why NFV implementation is taking so long
      • How can the ops team work with the supplier in a DevOps mode?
      • End-to-end provisioning of complex digital services with various partners
      • A deeper look at outsourcing and the growing “as-a-service” market

      Kurt Kamerer, CEO, Regify

      Melvin Lim, CEO, Iridescent

    • 4:25 pm
      Optimizing the Digital Transformation
      Greg Page,
      GSP Solutions, Cisco Systems
    • 4:50 pm
      Why Transform? Keeping the Focus Firmly on the Customer
      Sri Safitri,
      Senior Advisor, Digital & Strategic Portfolio, Telkom Indonesia
      Sandra De Zoysa,
      Group Chief Customer Officer, Dialog Axiata
      • The need for customer centricity throughout transformation
      • What is needed of the operations centre of the future service provider and how can these needs be met?
      • What is the most common priority for service providers when it comes to updating operations?
      • Defining a roadmap strategy for transformation towards agile operations that meet the needs of the Digital Service Provider
      • Improving the customer experience through automation and platform integration with orchestration and agile IT practices, tools and architectures


Day 3 - Thursday

December 7, 2017

  • 9:00 am
  • Customer Centricity & Analytics Live!


    IoE Monetization & Management Live!


    Transformation & Agility Live!


    Customer Centricity & Analytics Live!

    • 9:00 am
      CASE STUDY: Improving the Customer Experience by Implementing Self-Service across all Channels
      Hasniza Mohamed,
      General Manager, Digital Customer Experience, Telekom Malaysia
      • Understanding the growing importance of self-care in delivering a personalized service and enabling customer to resolve issues quickly
      • Simplifying and enhancing customer interaction by enabling customers to manage their bills, services and queries
      • Getting customer self-service right - adopting a strategic and proactive approach in order to avoid pitfalls and ensure that your self-service delivers a superior Customer Experience
      • Developing a customer self-service platform that is effective, user-friendly and intuitive
      • Finding the right balance between self-service and human interaction - making sure that self-service is a choice for your customers
      • Best practices for implementing an omni-channel self-service strategy


    • 9:25 am
      CASE STUDY: Empowering the Digital Customer
      Philip Joseph,
      Chief Officer for Customer Experience, Ooredoo Myanmar
    • 9:50 am
      CASE STUDY & LIVE DEMO: We Must Start Meeting Like This! Will the Chatbot be a Game-Changer for Customer Experience?
      Rick Lievano,
      Worldwide Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft
      Doron Youngerwood,
      SME for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence , Amdocs
      • What are the benefits of using chatbots in customer service?
      • Creating differentiation with intelligence-based bots vs. rule-based bots
      • How to move from informational engagements to transactional engagements
      • Setting the right tone/voice to ensure the success of your chatbots; what’s the role of sentiment analysis and speech recognition?


    • 10:10 am
      CASE STUDY: Boosting Customer Engagement through Social Media Channels
      Rod Strother,
      VP Digital Experience , Starhub
      • How do you build a meaningful customer dialogue in a truly interactive environment?
      • Determining the right level of engagement with customers on social channels
      • Developing policies and processes to effectively manage social channels – assigning roles and organizational responsibility
      • Empowering and motivating employees to engage customers through social channels
      • Encouraging customers to interact with your brand by turning customers into promoters
      • Providing timely and personalized responses to customers in order to ensure continued engagement
    • 10:30 am
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 11:00 am
      CASE STUDY: Extreme Makeover: Creating New Levels of Personalization in Customer Experience
      Paulo Salome,
      Consultant - Customer Lifecycle Management, Smart Communications
      • How to tell a story or build a profile with the data you collect about your customers.
      • How Smart was able to convert data into intelligence to drive the customer experience forward
      • Increasing acquisition and retention by delivering personalized customer engagements
      • Anticipating customer needs, and delivering the next best product, offer or message — every time
      • Automatically adapting the journey for each individual customer, based on real-time customer patterns & behaviors
    • 11:25 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Empowering Digital Customers through Intelligent CX Solutions
      Sangeetha Ramakrishnan,
      Lead Technical Architect for Bots, NLP, Tata Consultancy Services
      Ramachandran Selvarajan,
      Chief Architect, Tata Consultancy Services
    • 11:50 am
      CASE STUDY: Real Contextual Marketing – Real Time Analytics to Action Applied with Impact
      Verita Poerbasari,
      Division Head Retention & Loyalty, Indosat Ooredoo
      Nathan Rae,
      Director, Knowesis
      • Indosat Ooredoo contextual marketing objectives
      • Contextual marketing definition
      • Real time next best offer decisioning on real time context
      • Performance results
      • Challenges faced and key learnings
      • Key features required to be successful with contextual marketing
    • 12:30 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Enabling Customer Centricity through Data Currency
      Raja S. Ravi,
      Senior Solutions Architect, Mobile Engineering , Telstra
      Shreshta Shyamsundar,
      Principal Technology Architect, Enterprise Architecture , Infosys
      • Meeting and exceeding the expectations of today's digital customer - defining the problem at hand and explaining why it's important enough to not ignore with supporting data points covering digital customer expectation
      • Customer centric transformation - analytics and user behavior feeding into user experience design
      • Implementing omni-channel for maximum value
      • Empowering the digital customer
      • Personalization and customer engagement
      • Analytics, Machine Learning and AI - enabling the Next Gen Customer Experience - concepts of how software and associated tooling help converge to give us the next gen CX
    • 2:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: Network Analytics to Deliver Best-of-Breed Network and Service Insights
      Faisal Parvez,
      IT Director & CIO Business Partner AMEA, BT
      • Capturing, consolidating, aggregating, and analyzing network data, converting it into actionable network and business Intelligence
      • Determining the most important alarms and events, to prioritize and address operational tasks more efficiently
      • Maximizing uptime by proactively identifying and resolving network and service issues before the impact customers
      • Accurately planning for future expansion and capacity management by monitoring usage and network traffic behavior
    • 2:50 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Creating Customer Centric Experiences with AI and Machine Learning
      Ankur Pandey,
      Managing Partner - Telecom, Media & Utilities, IBM ASEAN
    • 3:10 pm
      Integrating Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence into the Fabric of your Core Customer Care
      • Examining how “proactive bots” can scour the network, devices and services to recognize fault signatures and proactively fix issues before customers are impacted
      • Discussing the importance this transition as IoT based devices and services proliferate the market place and how organizations are investing in programmable network operating and augmented cognition systems
      • Identifying new capabilities and providing a sneak peek into the work happening in Bell Labs that is changing the way we provide customer care
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      Connecting the Dots

    IoE Monetization & Management Live!

    • 9:00 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Implementing open APIs to enhance monetization
      Joann O’Brien,
      VP, APIs & Ecosystems, TM Forum
      Vincent Seet,
      Head, Enterprise Architecture , Globe Telecom
      • A look at the API & Platform economy
      • Considering the need for consistency across APIs to enable an open digital ecosystem
      • Presenting TM Forum’s suite of open APIs:
      • How to monetize APIs
      • How to use APIs to monetize IoE and digital services
    • 9:25 am
      INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Building on a Strong Base – How CSPs Can Successfully Monetize IoE
      Ville Kulmala,
      Chairman, Mobile Monday Thailand
      • How are enterprises monetizing IoE and what can operators learn from them?
      • How to monetize existing capabilities and assets
      • How to build new capabilities and assets – investment, skills and resource requirements
      • Examining the “as-a-service” model and implementing a transaction-based monetization system
    • 9:50 am
      Quality of Service in the IoE context
      Dhruv Anand,
      Industry Solution Leader, Telecom & Media ASEA, IBM
      • How does IoE QoS vary from industry to industry?
      • The common factors: reliable, constant connection, real-time device operation, and efficient remote monitoring
      • How can service providers move beyond connectivity to deliver holistic IoE services?
      • Examining the scope of end-to-end IoE: monitoring, tracking, visualization applications, support services, insurance, etc.
    • 10:30 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • 11:00 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Uncovering Value and Effectively Monetizing IoE Services
      Mick Higgins,
      Vice President of Mobility and IoT Product Management, Tata Communications
      • Dissecting the IoE value chain - What exactly can be monetized and by who?
      • Establishing recurring revenue through a lasting subscription-based service model
      • Comparing the pay-per-use vs. subscription-based models and scenarios
      • Devising the right pricing strategy wherever you stand in the digital ecosystem
      • What new billing and charging challenges does the IoE present?
    • 11:25 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: A Look at Market and Industry Maturity
      Marijn Ten Wolde,
      Head of Industry 4.0, Automation, Digitalization and Manufacturing Innovation, BSH Home Appliances
      • Which industries are leading the way in IoE adoption and ROI? (manufacturing, automotive, retail, health, utilities…)
      • What are the main drivers and achievements – is it all about cost saving?
      • Which industries are lagging behind and why?
      • How does market maturity impact IoE and is it feasible to imagine a level IoE playing field across the region one day?
    • 11:50 am
      PANEL: Recognizing the Value of IoE in Industrial Manufacturing
      Colin Koh,
      Direcctor Business Development, Precicon
      Former President, Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA)
      • Moving from M2M to the real smart manufacturing – from sensors & platforms to data & analytics
      • Unlocking machine data to optimize efficiency, reduce operating expenses and accelerate innovation
      • Examining the use of platforms and APIs in enabling the digital revolution across industries
      • How to integrate connected technology solutions in legacy plants – investment needs, priorities and ROI
      • How will workforce skills and requirements change as we move towards a more digitized and connected environment?
      • A look at real-life industrial IoE implementation and results
    • 12:30 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      Focus on Smart Cities Today and Tomorrow
      Richard Jeffares,
      Chief Operating Officer, Ultrafast Fibre
      • In what sense and to which degree are smart city initiatives the ultimate IoE testbed?
      • Examining the Smart City ecosystem, various roles within it and the opportunities for each stakeholder
      • How is the challenge of Providing open access to technology, city resources, and information being met in the smart city context?
      • How are smart cities growing and maturing – achievements, ROI and future ambitions
      • Replicating successes and implementation lessons learnt in other verticals
    • 2:25 pm
      Successfully Moving from Concept to Deployment
      Willson Deng,
      CEO, Arcstone
      Chairman, Singapore Manufacturing Consortium (SIMCO)
      • Implementing flexible development methods and using an integrated, cloud-based development platform
      • Efficiently deploying, managing, and monitoring IoE applications remotely
      • Achieving full IoE management through realising a full communications cycle of data and relevant modifications
      • Providing simple and seamless systems to monitor upgrade devices and applications
    • 2:50 pm
      Managing the IoE Lifecycle
      • What does the full IoE lifecycle look like?
      • Planning for the entire lifecycle, from design through to end-of-life
      • Anticipate what systems will require in the future and planning for frequent upgrades and technology advances
      • Evaluating the cost of lifecycle management and the risk of failure with thousands of devices on a single IoE network
    • 3:10 pm
      Supporting IoE Scaling Through Robust Extensible Platforms
      • The role of the platform in enabling and driving IoE scaling and how to identify the right platform business model
      • Facilitating interactions and creating value through simplicity, elasticity and reliability
      • Building authentication capabilities, security and data integrity assurance to create a trustworthy platform and foster growth
      • Strategies to attract content and service producers to effectively co-create value for all stakeholders
      • The importance of continuous innovation and close curation to sustain quality interactions over the platform and support growth
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      Connecting the Dots
      • Panel with 3-4 senior speakers
      • Summary of what has been learned
      • Roundtable discussions and takeaways

    Transformation & Agility Live!

    • 9:00 am
      The Advent of the Cloud Market and Impacts on Business
      May-Ann Lim,
      Executive Director, Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA)
      • Examining the growth of the cloud business and how it has transformed industries
      • The essential role of cloud computing in becoming an agile digital player
      • What are the main drivers and advantages of adopting cloud solutions?
      • What are the remaining barriers? Security, technology, skills, organisation, culture, legacy assets, budget…
      • What are the main considerations when choosing and putting in place a cloud model? managing hybrid networks and hybrid cloud solutions


    • 9:25 am
      Driving Agility and Value by Capitalizing on the Cloud
      • How does leveraging cloud technologies impact the business internally?
      • How do cloud technologies affect existing operations, services and levels of efficiency?
      • Leveraging cloud to increase agility, drive value and enhance customer service
      • What new opportunities has and will cloud computing offer the future digital service provider?

      Usha Rao, Head of Cloud Services Integration, AMEA, BT

    • 9:50 am
      Focus on Microservices
      Claus Nielsen,
      Director Product Management, Neural Technologies Limited
      • Enabling scalability, modularity, vendor neutrality and customization
      • Using DevOps and micro-systems for speedy time-to-market and service deployment
      • How does adopting a micro-service approach enhance network virtualization and agility?
      • Part of the package – DevOps, SOA, SaaS and microservices
      • Examining the role and requirements of APIs in making micro-services work
      • The organizational aspects of a microservice architecture
      • What are the main challenges in implementing microservices and what are the overall advantages?


    • 10:30 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • 11:00 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Looking Towards an Open (Source) Future
      Shahar Steiff,
      AVP New Technologies, PCCW
      • What are the main advantages and main drawbacks of open source solutions for existing/legacy CSPs?
      • How are greenfield digital companies utilising open source solutions?
      • Will open source eventually entirely replace proprietary systems?
      • What impact has open source had on the digital industry so far?
      • How are various open source initiatives likely to impact the communications industry as a whole?
      • Can these initiatives be harmonized?
      • Where to deploy open source and where not to (if anywhere)


    • 11:25 am
      Case Study: B2B B/OSS Perspectives – Eastern Communications Transformation
      Kannan Ramakrishnan,
      Head of Product Management & Marketing, Tata Consultancy Services
      Emmanuel Caido,
      Head of IT , ETPI
      Bobby Rajagopal,
      Client Partner, Tata Consultancy Services
      • Key considerations for B2B B/OSS transformation
      • Eastern Communications transformation journey
      • Key outcomes post-transformation
    • 11:50 am
      Futureproofing the Network for 5G Capitalization
      • How will the implementation of 5G affect the entire network end-to-end?
      • The role and benefits of end-to-end network slices in 5G network architectures
      • How to define, create and specify the network slices?
      • Who is ultimately responsible for regulating the various network slices for various use cases?
      • The role of cloud, SDN and NFV in enabling network slicing and flexibility for multi-service end-users
    • 12:30 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Leading Transformation and Directing the Digital Service Provider
      Prashant Gokarn,
      Chief New Business & Innovation Officer, Indosat
      Usha Rao,
      Head of Cloud Services Integration, BT
      • How are the roles of the C-suite evolving as IT becomes business and business becomes IT?
      • How are skill-set requirements changing across the business as a whole?
      • Dealing with a “legacy” culture and pulling it in a digital direction
      • Breaking down silos and engaging both IT and Business departments effectively and efficiently with a common goal
    • 2:25 pm
      The Impact of AI on Transformation
    • 2:50 pm
      Talent and the Digital Service Provider
      Mikko Jarva,
      CTO, Comptel
      • How to (re-)train, motivate, and enhance teams’ and individuals’ skills
      • Adopting and driving agile methods and collaboration with a business-first objective
      • Are human roles being made redundant by automation and AI?
      • What sort of new roles are being created as a result of technology developments?
    • 3:10 pm
      Agile in Play
      • A look at other industries facing tackling disruption and undergoing transformation
      • How are cloud, dev ops and other developments impacting internal organisation
      • What new opportunities are being grasped?
      • What lessons and experiences can be shared across industries to remain competitive against digital natives and the platform-based marketplace?
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      Connecting the Dots
      • Panel with 3-4 senior speakers
      • Summary of what has been learned
      • Roundtable discussions and takeaways